Doll Painting Specialty Kits

Doll Painting Specialty Kits

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Doll Painting: Achieve that Signature Look with Specialty Kits



 Doll painting collections coordinated to produce realism in skin tones. Specialty doll painting kits. Paint for OOAK dolls, Repaint dolls, fashion dolls, and Primate (monkey) dolls.

Each kit is designed to produce a wide range of effects with the product specifications ranging from light to dark. You can control the intensity of the effects with the wide variety of colors in each kit.

OOAK dolls enjoy an enduring popularity. With OOAK kit you can let your imagination soar and paint fairies, or be more traditional and paint character dolls.

Want to paint a Repaint Doll? Our Fashion doll kit gives you the basic colors needed to get started painted beautiful repaint fashion dolls.

However, you are not limited to painting just one type of fleshtone with our kits, the kits can be used to make many different types of specialty dolls. Mix and blend colors to discover your favorites.


Luminaire can help you get your project done quicker and with far less frustration. No measuring mediums like the other guys paint, no chance of screw ups.

No waiting for your paint to heat set in the oven. Fast drying, repaint another layer in about 20 minutes. No irritating fumes and no hot oven. No ill health effects.

You just thin, paint and dry. It couldn't be simpler.  If your doll painting brings in extra income, less time painting equals more projects completed and more money.

All of our paints come to you ready to use, Just thin with water and paint. No worry about changing the chemical properties of your paint. No worries about incorrect measuring. No need for all those add ins that the other paints use.

Luminaire is a state of the art painting system for all your specialty doll painting.


Luminaire Vinyl Prep - Luminaire Paint

Luminaire Vinyl Prep

$6.45 - $12.45
Luminaire Vinyl prep is applied to vinyl before painting and allowed to dry. Rub a very small amount into the surface of the vinyl with the corner of a soft cloth until dry. Helps to seal vinyl and prevent ingredients used during kit manufacturer from...