Ethnic Doll Painting Kits

Ethnic Doll Painting Kits

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Ethnic Doll Painting Kits

Luminaire Acrylic Airdry Reborn Doll Paints

 Doll painting collections coordinated to produce realistic skin tones.Ethnic doll and Caucasian doll painting kits. Paint for AA dolls,Asian Dolls, Biracial dolls, Native American Doll Paint.

Each kit is designed to paint a range of skin tones within a single ethnic group, ranging from light to dark. You can control the intensity of the skintone with the wide variety of colors in each kit.

Asian dolls are very popular right now. Our Light Asian kit will let you create a beautiful Asian doll with very light skin.

Want to paint an American Indian doll? We offer the only Native American Doll Paint set . Our Native American paint set contains two different blushing pathways for even more color diversity, one in deep dark muted reds and the other in dusty corals to complement the darker brown colors in this diverse set.

However, you are not limited to painting just one type of nationality with our kits, the kits can be used to make many different types of ethnic dolls.

 Premixed Convenience for Doll Painting

Luminaire can help you get your project done quicker and with far less frustration. No mixing in additives, no waiting for your paint to heat set in the oven. Drying is quick, each layer dries in about 20 minutes. By the time you paint one piece, lay it aside to dry,and paint your other pieces the first piece is about ready for another coat. How easy can that be? When you are selling your projects for an additional income, less time equals more projects completed. 

All of our paints come to you ready to use, Just thin with water and paint. No worry about changing the chemical properties of your paint. No worries about incorrect measuring. No need for all those add ins that the other paints use. Luminaire is a state of the art painting system for all your ethnic doll painting.


Luminaire Vinyl Prep - Luminaire Paint

Luminaire Vinyl Prep

$6.45 - $12.45
Luminaire Vinyl prep is applied to vinyl before painting and allowed to dry. Rub a very small amount into the surface of the vinyl with the corner of a soft cloth until dry. Helps to seal vinyl and prevent ingredients used during kit manufacturer from...