Is Your Reborn Doll Paint Destroying Your Dolls?

Don't risk having all of your hard work crumble into dust. Or turn into a slimy, gooey vinyl nightmare.

You would think that choosing your doll paint to paint your reborn doll would be easy. Did you know that if  you add mediums and gels to the other guys paint, and the ratios of ingredients are not precise, it can actually deteriorate your vinyl doll by changing the chemical composition of the paint?   When you add those mediums to the paint are you really sure you measured correctly...?  Is your doll paint supplier an expert on the chemical properties of the paint? Don't take the risk.

Professional Doll Paint Created for Professional Doll Painters and Doll Artists


Here at Luminaire, we are the experts in acrylic paint for dolls. We specialize in paint,in fact, paint is all we do.  We don't sell rubber duckies, or sideline products.  Luminaire was created by an expert in the chemical properties of paint with two advanced degrees in biologic science and chemistry, as well as 20 years experience as an art hobbyist. 

Luminare paints come to you pre-mixed with all the needed ingredients in the paint. This assures that your paint formula has the correct amounts of all the ingredients that you need. And leaving out the ones that you don't. With Luminaire, you get the benefit of expert knowledge to ensure your reborn doll will last for years.


Number One Selling Professional Reborn Doll Paint



Luminaire is the number one selling professional air dry acrylic doll paint that gives a superior transparent appearance that is so critical in producing realistic reborn doll skin coloring, without the chalky appearance.

Luminaire  doll paint works on any surface or type of doll which is appropriate for acrylic paint. Luminaire works for fashion doll repaints, Monster High Doll Repaints, Doll Restoration Paint, OOAK Dolls, and of course reborn dolls.

Luminaire paint is thinned with water, giving you easy clean up, and is non-toxic and odor free. The paint is permanent and will not rub off or flake once cured. Because the doll paint is air-dry, you don't have to worry about the health effects of heating vinyl, and there is no risk of fire. And you never have to worry about ruining an expensive reborn doll in the oven. Painting with Luminaire paints is easy, and you can generally apply additional coats of paint after 20 minutes of dry time.

Best results are achieved when Luminaire is thinned to the appearance and consistency of water color paint. Luminaire paints are thick, which makes them go farther and gives you added value. Some reborn doll paint come to you in a liquid form, Luminaire never dilutes their paints.

Professional Reborn Doll Artists use Professional Grade Products


We use the best archival artist grade materials and other ingredients in our paint that will stand up over time.  We don't use any inferior craft grade products like others do, or rebottle someone else's product. You won't have extra expense for gels and other mediums and no need for special thinner. 


Knowledge + Value + Quality