Non Toxic Acrylic Sealer:Luminaire Air Dry Lip & Nail Gloss

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AirDry Non Toxic Acrylic Sealer for Lips & Nails


You have spent many hours creating happiness. One clumsy mistake can ruin all of your hard work forever. Don't risk it being ruined by accidental drips, drops, water damage, or dust. 

Professional artists know that their work is an investment of time and money. Their heart is in every piece of art that they produce. That is why that they take the time to protect that investment by applying an artist quality sealer as the finishing step in their artwork.

The effort for this extra step is minimal compared to the hard work you have already accomplished, but the returns are far greater. Especially if it saves your heirloom doll from being ruined because of an accident.

You will receive our small size sealer, which contains 1/2  fl. oz.  Luminaire acrylic reborn gloss sealer is non-toxic, odorless, and non-flammable. Instructions included.

Protects Your Art Dolls

  • Protects against UV damage
  • Clear Drying
  • Prevents dust and dirt damage to paint film
  •  Protect against surface abrasion during shipping or exhibition
  • Allows for easy cleaning without fear of removing or damaging the paint film
  • Water resistant when dry
  • High Gloss
  • Artists quality archival sealers
  • Essential Doll painting Reborn Supply

  • Low Odor 
  • Non-toxic Acrylic Sealer
  • Soap and water clean up while wet
  • Gives fingernails that fresh just manicured look
  • May be used for all miniatures and artistic crafts

Custom Item


Please protect clothing and surfaces from unintended contact with product. Product will stick to a wide range of surfaces and is difficult to impossible to remove. Wipe up spills  immediately with a damp cloth or saturate the area repeatedly with clear water and soap.

It is best to do rooting after using sealer to prevent accidents, or protect hair and eyelashes of dolls by covering with plastic during use.

May be mixed with or used with our Spray on Sealer or Shine Reduction Sealer.

Sealer should not be applied until at least 72 hours after the last layer of paint is applied. Dries to a hard, high gloss finish. May be used on lips, nails, inside of nose, inside of mouth, or the eyes. Luminaire Sealer is cloudy when wet.


 Non Toxic Acrylic Sealer:Luminaire Air Dry Lip & Nail Gloss