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Painting Skin Tones Realistically

Whether you are just beginning doll painting or you are an advanced artist with many years of experience, painting realistic skintones remains challenging for many artists. The artist encounteres problems with premixed colors because the tones are either too bright, too pink, or lacking in realism, creating results that appeared cartoonish, flat, and lifeless.

With Luminaire, your skin painting will take on a degree of realism like you have never seen before. The skin will glow with vibrancy and life. Dolls painted with Luminaire become so lifelike that it is hard to tell them from real babies.

Painting Skin Tones Made Easier

Luminaire provides the most realistic paint available on the market today for painting skin tones in a wide range of colors, from the lightest of lights to the darkest of darks. We also offer coordinating colors for cheeks, nails, and lips that can be purchased seperately or in convenient sets.

Luminaire comes to you in the perfect shades that are premixed with all the needed ingredients in the correct amounts. Nothing could be easier, just thin and paint. However, if a particular shade doesn't quite meet your needs, all of the colors can be intermixed to create your own personalized colors.

Luminaire is made with professional, archival ingredients. You can create museum quality portraits, dolls and hobby creations with no fear that your masterpieces will deteriorate in a few years time. Your projects will look as great generations from now as the do the day that you finish them.

  • Save time
  • Save Money
  • No smelly fumes and odors
  • Non-Toxic
  • Professional Quality
  • Quick Drying 

No other paint is capable of providing this level of realism in an acrylic for painting skin tones

Luminaire Acrylic Doll Paint Master Set 6 Items - Luminaire Paint

Luminaire Acrylic Doll Paint Master Set 6 Items

One of our most popular items, the Master set is a perfect all around solution for those wanting to start reborning. Everything that you need to paint a doll is included, you provide the doll, the hair, body, and the weighting/stuffing...