Reborn Doll Special Effects

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Make a Reborn Doll Special

Reborn Doll Supplies special effects products for making your reborn doll creation extra special and unique..

Luminaire Dimensional Eyebrow Gel - Luminaire Paint

Luminaire Dimensional Eyebrow Gel

$3.25 On Sale
Luminaire's Dimensional Eyebrow Gel is now available by itself. Just a small amount allows you to create stunning dimensional effects. Custom item
Reborn Supplies Dimensional Eyebrow Set

Luminaire Dimensional Eyebrow Set

Dimensional Eyebrow Doll Painting Set for Vinyl Doll Kit With the Luminaire Dimensional Eyebrow set you can achieve realistic 3D eyebrows on your reborn babies without Heat Setting. You can customize your colors by mixing colors together to achieve just...
Luminaire Paint Fairy Gel 1 oz

Luminaire Fairy Gel

By Popular reborn supplies request.  Luminaire Fairy Gel 1.0 oz size.  May be mixed with paint and applied during the painting process or it may be applied directly over already painted areas.  Add a shimmer to your fairy dolls or makeup...